About Us

             At PanoMedia Marketing Solutions, we are passionate about social media, and our mission is to help businesses to get real results from their social media marketing efforts. Social media is always changing – that's why we are committed to staying up-to-date in social media so that you don’t have to. We are Certified Social Media Marketing Professionals, which means that we’ve invested to stay on the cutting edge, develop strategic marketing knowledge, and give real results to our clients.

PanoMedia was founded in 2017, by best friends Logan Brown and Holden Schnedier, to help businesses take advantage of the power of social media and get real results for their business. Many businesses are using social media; however very few of them are getting results (less than 20% according to some studies). We want to change this, by helping businesses to get results from their social media marketing.

Our strategic approach to social media is what really makes us stand out. We don’t just get you active on social networks – we approach them strategically so that your social media is linked to your business and marketing goals and objectives. Our strategic approach to social media is based on an 8-step model that starts with listening and assessing the landscape and ends with analyzing, adjusting and improving.


When we run social media, we follow a strategic planning process to make sure that you get the best results. Our process starts by learning about your business. Next we build a strategy that links your social media marketing to your business and broader marketing objectives. Next we’ll develop a content calendar and create social media assets and profiles for your business. To kick-off your social media marketing efforts, we’ll launch your profiles and begin posting and connecting with your fans, customers and prospects. Finally, we measure, report and adjust to make sure that we’re always on-track. This strategic process makes use standout and ensures that you get the results you need.

As the co-owner and CEO of PanoMedia Marketing Solutions, I personally guarantee you that an investment in your social media presence will allow you to enhance your community interaction and reap the benefits. In today's society we communicate, share thoughts, and talk about ideas on social media. It is the number one most used median on the internet. Social media marketing is no myth or joke; it's real, and we are here to help.